Order the ideal, personalized VideoBox quickly and easily in our online shop! VideoBox is a digital video album where we save your memories in an original way. Delight your loved ones with photos, videos, and songs that mean a lot to them – in one place and forever! If you have a problem creating a video – we are here to make it for you! You just need to send us the memories and leave the rest to us. Visit our online shop and choose what fits your loved one best.
We ship all over the world, and the shipping cost is €5 for all products. Delivery time is 3-7 working days, depending on the country. The credit card processing fee is included.

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The album with memories got its new look – a digital photo album where you can easily make the perfect selection of photos and recordings for all generations. Your videos will be displayed on the HD LCD screen. Insert your footage or pictures quickly and easily via the USB cable that comes with the VideoBox. Also, the VideoBox has a speaker, so you have the option to insert your favorite song to enjoy your best memories even more.


If you want a romantic experience, the ideal choice is VideoBox Premium. The HD resolution LCD screen will give you an unforgettable experience where your memories will be recorded forever. With 16 eternal roses and an amazing music video, please your loved one with this digital photo album.
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