Are you curious about the cutting-edge video marketing tool that not only helps with advertising, lead generation, customer conversion, and brand recognition but also serves as a unique business gift? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

When opened, CorporateBox reveals an LCD screen, a speaker, and a rechargeable battery. This particular type of VideoBox has many business applications, including but not limited to: marketing, promotion, sales, training, education as well as business gifts. Corporate gift boxes distribute videos in a simple, branded medium that appeals to the needs of the clientele, making them one of the most efficient forms of advertising and corporate gift ideas.

After watching a video, clients retain 90% of the message, compared to only 10% after reading a text.
With print, audio, and video working together, you can create a unified brand experience that caters to every part of the user’s journey and acts as a thoughtful business gift at the same time. Print packaging is the primary method for conveying the company’s brand personality, while video and audio are used to reinforce the individualized branding experience even further.
CorporateBox is an adaptable and flexible client gift option with a wide variety of features to choose from.




The price includes delivery (only for Serbia) and printing of the client’s design
All video brochures with a minimum order quantity of 50 are custom printed based on your design. We have universal video brochures (6 designs) with no minimum quantity requirements.
Of course! With each CorporateBox, you get a USB cable with which you can recharge the device and, if necessary, delete old and insert new materials (videos, photos and songs).
The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.
Yes, all brochures start playing automatically after opening.
Everything depends on the ordered quantity, but roughly between 3 and 4 weeks.
Of course, with every CorporateBox you get a USB cable that is used for refilling and inserting/deleting materials.
We send all packages by PostExpress courier service, and delivery to the client is free!
Unfortunately, we are unable to make samples with the design due to the high production and printing costs. The minimum quantity is 50 pieces.
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